Tuesday, January 02, 2007

its been too long

my mom tried to convince me to do away with public blogging. so i have been teatering back and forth on what i am going to do. bottom line is that i love looking back and seeing what i was doing and thinking this time last year. for example...james and i were sitting around pondering our crazy plans for new years when i asked what he did last year and then i wondered what i did. so i went back to look and sure enough...carry on my tradition of staying in...always and never been a fan of new years eve. so blogging will continue but maybe a new address.

christmas was filled with too much caloric intake in phoenix visiting my mom and stepdad. it was just james and i and the dogs this year. my sisters stayed at their homes as one couldn't get off work and the other is a devoted doctors wife. so there you have it. only child during christmas for the second year in a row. santa brought us a new macbook. its been fun learning a totally new machine. but also frustrating. i am working on getting our wedding website up and running before our save the dates go out.

since my mom married mr.sir 4 years ago we have become a part of many traditions. most very quirky but having him in our family sure does just spice up the fun. one of the many traditions mr.sir has is the polar bear club. being a member of this cool club means you must dive/jump into the/a pool on new years day. clothes or no clothes, their pool or ours, you have to do it on new years day. my mind so conveniently let me forget all about it until 10pm last night when we got the call...are you in the club or not this year? so what does james insist we do? go jump in the freezing ass pool before the clock strikes midnight. mind you...i was in my bed...cuddled up with my dog...watching the nightly news. so i got up and changed out of my comfys and put on james big shorts and tshirt b/c i couldn't think of anything worse than putting on a bikini on my obese ass and jumping in below 0 waters. result=hell. now i am a part of the really cool polar bear club for the third year. and all i get for it is a horrible nights sleep in which i woke up multiple times tossing and turning and it is all to be blamed on the shocking ol cold waters.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

puggle like it was paris'

tonight i didn't have time to take romeo home before my hair apt. my sweet sweet hairdresser...if you know what i mean...said he could come inside and join us. i felt real special and so did romeo. i anticpated his anxiousness and i was so pleasantly surpirised by his perfect behavior. he literally sat in my lap....sort of like something tinkerbelle would do...and didn't make a peep. no jumping down. he laid down on my lap and got comfy and was so content. it was such a shock to me while every styist and customer ewwwwwed and ahhhhhhed after him and his underbite.

i must say it as quite nice to have my buddy on my lap b/c there is no place i would rather be but i felt so paris....especially as i sat in a salon and got my extensions redone. so paris. but so not. so puggle-ish-is-ness.
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

catch me while i am inspired

so i leave work at 2:30. hair apt at 3. my hair is looking beautiful by 3:30. i am ahead of my time schedule. i go get the doggies. we have feile tonight. i have been uptight and worried all day about what on earth the two of them are going to do locked inside our apt til midnight. literally have anxiety about it. so i have calmed down.
the dogs are with me. they are humans. they are not dogs. not even an inkling of dog in their bones. i swear i can interpret these little hellions. they act like a bunch of heathens when they are together. like double trouble.
romeo sits in my lap in the car. when feile gets done sniffing out the entire back seat she might as well the trunk...she sticks her head up to say "hi." romeo snaps at her as if to say..."this is my mom. don't touch her. you play this game with your daddy so i am gonna play it with my mommy. step back bitch." so we cruisin down the street. feile gets bored snooping and tries to join us in the front where the air is blowing..."oh hell no bitch. this is my spot. step the fuck right on back." so we come inside. romeo could care less about his toys. he heads for his cave. his gfriend has something else in store...well remember that bed i tore to shreads in the backyard...well i am going to do that to every one of romeos toys. right here. right now.
i start to take out the trash. got to get some shit done while i have time. had no idea this kind of time was in store. she literally pushes the door open before i can get to it and is out like lightning. normally romeo would stay put in his cave. oh hell no. he would have none of that. he was not gonna let his gfriend go outside with out him. they chase eachother like crazy monsters. round and round. torpedo. we come inside. she is all about his bones. each new one she picks up he looks up..as if to say...is that my bully bone bitch. b/c if it is you gonna get your ass kicked. she apparently has not found that bully stick yet. shit will hit the fan when it does. god forbid her join him on the back of the couch. that is his spot dammit. instead she naws and naws on this nasty old bone til her teeth are bleeding. she doesn't get bones frequently. not even often. she is like a deprived child without sugar. she gets the opportunity and gets her high. i let her. romeo is so spoiled he could care less about his plethera of parafanalia. (sp?) he just sits there as to say...why on earth are you chewing on that nasty bone...i have had that hidden for months b/c it sucks.
i am off to rollerblade these little hellions. details on christmas party tomorrow!
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In the clouds...
as i was walking out of the house this a.m. with purse and dogs leash in hand...i notice i had no bra on. how could i forget my bra when my boobs have grown exponentially in the last month.
i go the bathroom at work and realize none else than my underwear is inside out. my head is up my ass as of recent and i would love someone to come pull it the fuck out.

i never knew...
how relaxing christmas gift wrapping could be. here i sit. all nice and sound. christmas music turned loud. my cranberry candle lit. my wine poured. all my fun paper, ribbons, tags and tape plentiful. i am content. for the first time in days. i have been so razzled and frazzled. and its not even for my own christmas giving. i am ala carte personal assistant. wait...did that make sense...the wine is flowing.

have yourself a merry little christmas...now...(or maybe it doesn't say now but it sounds like it)
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Monday, December 04, 2006

Candy Cane Oreo's

will be the death of me. promise...you can't eat just one!
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Friday, December 01, 2006

Almost like it was yesterday

The recent snow fall in Oklahoma has forced me to recall this memory almost like it was yesterday. Hearing one of my best friends explain how they are snowed in and the inches upon inches of snow surrounding their house...makes me think of the time it snowed there 3 years ago. I was living just miles away from where she lives now, in my ex fiance's home. We had just gotten this precious white lab and she was so intriqued by the snow. I remember feeling trapped. In more ways than just the snow made me feel...trapped in that relationship...under his spell. Although its a bad memory of the snow...i have many very wonderful childhood memories, high school memories...including ice wrecks into telephone poles and the like...sledding down hills bundled up in gloves and coats. There is a tinge of jealousy when i see photos of my hometown covered in snow. I love the beauty! Driving in it, i don't miss.

Today i am thankful for a few reasons in which i feel the need to recognize. #1 that i am my own person, under no ones wing. completely independent. #2 that i live in sunshine. i just walked outside to my car and was jolted by the sunshine while i attempt to pretend its winter with my wool sweater on. The morning chill makes me feel for a fleeting moment it is really winter and then i am reminded once again of the most amazing place to live...and that i am living in it! Pray i am not taken away from this gorgeous place too soon. The never ending battle to move back to Arkansas just seems to get worse. I may not win but i will win some more time here!

Cheers to the weekend!
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Left the bling behind

I have to get this off my chest. I knew the internet would listen and understand...

So this a.m. i am on my way to work and i look down and realize i forgot my engagement ring. I panic. I knew exactly where i left it, in the precious hand painted dish my mom gave me, in my bathroom, while cleaning the house last night. Just not having it, made me uptight, but mostly b/c i had a meeting this a.m., with my boss's personal banker. I just like people to know i am taken. Its a good feeling. And also, b/c this banker and i have had months and months of communication via email and he seems young. I want it known i am off the market. As i glance over at the stand still traffic going the other way i decide going back home to retrieve the bling was out of the question. So i venture on to work and try to forget that i left the gem at home.

While sitting at my desk, face to face with this young male...just as i thought, i am well aware he has no idea this guy has no clue i am engaged to be married...i come up with a little plan. Lets call it a trick. Ok...i am mean. And guys are scum and i want to just secretly prove to myself how they all think. Keep in mind...this guy doesn't have a wedding ring on his finger...or this would not work. So we carry on. I am friendly. Not flirting, we were both business professional as we should be. So the plan...i am going to nix my inquiry about setting up a wedding fund after all business is conducted and just let the guy believe...well...that i am single. See if he makes any come ons.

So the result was this...he said over and over..."i will call you. i will email you." Of course business related...but he might as well have thrown in a wink with how he came across. You know that kind of way? He was friendly. Just what i had suspected. So the true test is this...if he comes on to me in the following weeks. He has to test the waters. I understand their mind. I will keep you updated.

Is this so childish of me? Is this deceitful? I am doing something intentional. Just for fun. Just a test. I would never act on. I would never leave my ring at home on purpose but since i did...might as well have some fun with it. I mean...you know...Not fun for me...but fun to sit back and watch how guys work. Ok maybe i can learn a little more how guys think and operate. You never know when James might be in a situation similar sometime down the road!
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have an embarrassing confession to make. I used to think that when i saw people put this :) sign in emails or texts that they were actually inserting real smiley face icons and on my screens they show up as some funky colon thing. And one day last week...it occurred to me...kind of like when you look at those paintings and they have make out a face or horse or something when you look at it close but from afar it looks like some mumble jumble piece of art. I guess i looked at it the right way and it came to me and i seriously took a step back and just wanted to ask myself if i always act this blonde.

Not sure if i didn't get the memo on this symbol business with the keyboard but i feel left out. I think people actually do other things with it too...like..:-) or some shit. Whatever. Never see me use it.
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