Friday, December 01, 2006

Left the bling behind

I have to get this off my chest. I knew the internet would listen and understand...

So this a.m. i am on my way to work and i look down and realize i forgot my engagement ring. I panic. I knew exactly where i left it, in the precious hand painted dish my mom gave me, in my bathroom, while cleaning the house last night. Just not having it, made me uptight, but mostly b/c i had a meeting this a.m., with my boss's personal banker. I just like people to know i am taken. Its a good feeling. And also, b/c this banker and i have had months and months of communication via email and he seems young. I want it known i am off the market. As i glance over at the stand still traffic going the other way i decide going back home to retrieve the bling was out of the question. So i venture on to work and try to forget that i left the gem at home.

While sitting at my desk, face to face with this young male...just as i thought, i am well aware he has no idea this guy has no clue i am engaged to be married...i come up with a little plan. Lets call it a trick. Ok...i am mean. And guys are scum and i want to just secretly prove to myself how they all think. Keep in mind...this guy doesn't have a wedding ring on his finger...or this would not work. So we carry on. I am friendly. Not flirting, we were both business professional as we should be. So the plan...i am going to nix my inquiry about setting up a wedding fund after all business is conducted and just let the guy believe...well...that i am single. See if he makes any come ons.

So the result was this...he said over and over..."i will call you. i will email you." Of course business related...but he might as well have thrown in a wink with how he came across. You know that kind of way? He was friendly. Just what i had suspected. So the true test is this...if he comes on to me in the following weeks. He has to test the waters. I understand their mind. I will keep you updated.

Is this so childish of me? Is this deceitful? I am doing something intentional. Just for fun. Just a test. I would never act on. I would never leave my ring at home on purpose but since i did...might as well have some fun with it. I know...Not fun for me...but fun to sit back and watch how guys work. Ok maybe i can learn a little more how guys think and operate. You never know when James might be in a situation similar sometime down the road!
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