Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkey Turnup

I am so happy to be home. It was a long trip away from home but a good one at that. I haven't seen my buddy in almost 9 days now b/c my loving little sister took care of him. Tonight we will reunite with a much needed puppy run by his mother. I have loads upon loads of laundry to do and our place is a disaster. I swore last night as i rolled into my bed, without my fiance, that this sort of travel is only reserved for once a year. Ha at that comment. Did i mention my nana is dying....

My fathers mother is not doing well. At all. She has now had another stroke and is hospital bed ridden without a voice. The doctors say she is not improving and they don't think she will be with us long. I started to cry yesterday as my dad muttered the words to me on the phone. Thank god i went to see her when i did, back in September. She has no will to live. She has lived her life. She is ready to go. I really believe that. I am ok with it. Its hard but its the facts of life. Therefore, a trip back to the midwest doesn't seem so far away afterall.

Thanksgiving was spent in Little Rock, Arkansas. We had a very tough time deciding upon what we would do with this holiday. It was set many months back we would be at my moms in Arizona. Things changed and compromises were made. His dad bought our tickets so i couldn't complain...well until i was stuck with a rag head on one side and a fat women on the other for a 5 hour flight in which no naps were taken and the awful stinch was making me nauseous. That is when i began my cussing in my head! Anyway, the trip was really actually great. I think i gave my liver a bit of a rest from wine. We spent much time with his maternal and paternal sides. Ate lots of crap and bonded with his mother and sisters. It really was a great trip but it was hard for me to get used to spending a holiday away from my family. My sisters and aunts and grandmother and everyone flew to my moms in phoenix where the weather is picture perfect around this time. At least Romeo stepped in as me for those family memories. I missed them alot but i look forward to our christmas vacation in Santa Fe this year!

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