Wednesday, November 22, 2006

For now...

I promised myself i would take a few minutes to write before i left for thanksgiving. I am not looking forward to: lines, waiting, airports, middle seats, annoying talkers, and basically the entire day of traveling in general ahead of me. That is why i brought a vicodin along for the ride. I am looking forward to going to Arkansas and staying with James family b/c i love each and every one of them. Getting my hair done for free, LSU vs. UA game, turkey and pies and food are a few positives. I am really sad i can't be with my family in Arizona over this holiday but i had to compromise.

My little sister so willingly took Romeo, our son, Sunday...for the entire week and they are now in Phoenix. My mom said when they arrived he went and jumped right up in bed with my mom and mr.sirs. He loves them. We miss him like two pathetic parents that have nothing else to fill up our lives. We waved to him from the curb and were both yelling, "we love you buddy!" Sure the neighbors were pleasantly amused.

I am now on my 15th day of my period. These damn birth control really have messed me up. I vowed to give it a shot and this is part of it. A shot in my stomach with cramps is more like it! Its hell really.

Wedding plans are coming along. I am ready to get the ball rolling. We have interviewed one photographer and we both really loved his personality and his work. Only thing, he is astronomically expensive. Picking a florist is next. I still have no vision for the invites...

I promise to blog once a day next week.
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