Thursday, November 09, 2006

this and that

not much to report on this end. only just click the x unless you just want to be put in a bad mood.

i currently have a shitty attitude right now and i have nothing positive to say...would rather vent...b/c:
-it took me 1 whole hour to get home from work tonight. do you think its odd that if i leave work at 10 til 5, which is technically "early", i will be home in roughly 20 minutes. if i leave at straight up 5 or after, takes me an entire hour to get home. currently...this is major in my life!
-i feel shitty that i haven't worked out but one day this week.
-i started my period which has put a kink in my week. i have had severe cramps to the point of hunched over crying down tears. therefore, felt no energy to workout.
-i have not accomplished much this week as far as james gift and wedding plans go.
-i got home tonight to NO wine.
on a positive note:
-tomorrow is friday which equals chill! we got invited to the usc football game saturday which i am not sure how i feel about since neither of us are fans.
-the OC is on tonight.
and that pretty much rounds up the week!
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