Sunday, November 05, 2006

Check it off the list

We found our wedding location today. Our goal this weekend, while my mom and little sister were here, to book the venue. We spent Saturday in Laguna looking. The place James and i had fallen in love with the weekend before...didn't pan out to be anyone elses favorite as well as ours after we saw a wedding taking place there. I was crossing my fingers, hoping today would be more of a successful day and it was.

The minute we walked up the boardwalk to this old historic hotel...everyones eyes grew wide and we continued to take it all in. Especially the price! So we have a few dates to pick from and that is where i would like to vent.

I want a wedding date that is easy to remember. Maybe near a holiday when everyone can make a vacation out of by the beach. I want it to be beautiful weather, which it always is here, but i am steering away from june gloom. And veering towards July. I don't want to wait too long which would be the case if we were to wait til all the summer tourists were gone...i don't want to deal with traffic on the peninsula. But then again if we all stay there and have everything reason to drive our car anywhere. I just don't know how to determine which date is better? Its a toss. So an idea popped into my head as i was taking my mom to the airport just now. I should call the photographer of my choice and see which date he has available. And then that might be the answer? Right? Ok...we are on the right track. Moving forward.

It makes me feel so good that my mom and sister have so much interest in this planning process and everything it entails. The wedding coordinator today didn't even know which was the bride to be b/c my sister was talking and asking so many questions today. I kind of sat back and let them work it. Perfect...just what i had in mind.
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