Friday, November 03, 2006

28 years

These are my big bday gifts and of course the rock on my finger. My best friend got me the ipod and my mom got me the cybershot camera. Love them all!

This bday i have a new perspective. Yes, i am getting old...but this year i would like to view it as surviving another year. Sometimes i think i take life in general for granted. You hear everyday the horror stories of death. Loving husband of 5 falls to his death of a heart attack caused by mold. 21 year old college student hit by a drunk driver. Freak car accidents, fires, and cancers. You just never know anymore. Life is precious and i am lucky. Lucky that my family and i have health and happiness.

This year brought me great things, love being the greatest. Who knows what this next year will bring me but i am living in the moment. Cheers and birthday wishes to me today...

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