Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The weather has finally changed. Its the last day in October, which i guess makes it halloween, and i finally am feeling like its not necessary to leave every window open in the house and our fans don't need to be on at night. This season, as i have said before, i surprisingly have anticipated. I normally dispise cold weather...but where we live doesn't get cold...but its cold to us gosh darnit. I can finally wear my sweaters again and what i am really really pumped about...is the comfy sweats i pulled out of the top of the winter/fall closet as well as my ever so dorky college days party sweatshirts. I almost feel like my fluffy house slippers are a necessity at the moment.

On another note...today was good and bad. I woke up and worked out. Which is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge deal. And those who know me shut up...it is hard for me to wake up and workout...although i used to be known for it. Granted...it wasn't that great of a workout for my fat ass but at least i got one in. I had another 2 hours after the workout ended to do things around the place since i had my root canal scheduled for 9 (thats the bad part). Those 2 hours i managed to get some laundry in, bugged the shit out of JL to please unload the dishes...b/c thats his job gosh darnit...i cleaned out my car...walked romeo...took out the trash and oh for the big one...come on...drum roll please...i bought flowers for our neighbor who just had surgery on her shoulder and arranged them in a nice pretty vase. Ya, i am nice. But JL brought them to her so she probably thought that he did all the work since he is the neighborhood favorite. Seriously, the neighbors told me they sit around and talk about how great my boyfriend, i mean fiance, is and how lucky i am. Um...hello? What about how lucky he is dammit? Ok, so whatever. He is great. Even to the neighbors. I think he has that southern hospitality. And ya, we all like it. No complaining over here. Although, my mood right now seems all chipper and cheery. I am not. Not sure...but i am just grouchy and being rude and thinking mean thoughts and having road rage and all of the above...but i am currently debating on popping that vicodin i got for my root canal today. I don't think vicodin and my nightly glass of chardi mix? Right? Or am i wrong. Hum....decisions, decisions. Maybe take out that JL is bringing home will cheer my unhappy, ungreatful bratty ass up....
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