Monday, October 30, 2006

blogger ban

last week i wrote a really long blog and the damn thing refused to publish. i then tried to upload our action shots of the proposal and the damn blog wouldn't let me. stupid damn blogger. i had so much to write last week and i was mad at it and deemed it banned for a week. so my week is up and i guess i owe an entry...

the wedding planning has begun. welcome to blogger bridezilla! we viewed a few wedding locations this weekend. i don't want to get overwhelmed or stressed, i just want to have fun with it. and we so far are doing just that. although, i have a couple bitches. i want a small wedding. we each wrote out our guest list and had shortened it to 75 each. 150 total invites. and that doesn't include my moms list, his moms, or my stepmoms. but it does our immediate family. it seems unfair of me to tell them you can't invite a single soul. but then again it seems unfair for us to cut our guest list down just to accomodate aunt iris that i haven't seen in 15 years. i will repeat this again...i want this wedding small. and small it will be. i don't care what it takes. if i have to just do away with friends parents and co-workers...that is what i will do. i refuse to make this some huge production and stress everyone out in the meantime. we found a perfect spot yesterday. both of us fell in love with it. wedding on the beach, everyone stay at that resort. make it simple and classy and beautiful. i don't want to scrimp on anything important to me which it seems to all be important to me...the flowers, the cake, and the photographer! good thing is james totally gets it and agrees with everything i do. i will sure to keep you udpated on the wedding plans~

i visited the ever so horrid dentist last monday. found out instead of getting 5 cavities filled that one of those was going to be a crown. joy. that just means another 600$. pain began in that tooth on friday and has increasingly gotten worse. to the point of waking up in the night and living on advil. i went in this a.m. to see what was going on. well...more good news! i now need a root canal. i swear my dental work never ends. never! to make matters worse...this root canal is an emergency. if we don't do it soon, it will absess and fall out. i have an apt. in the a.m. which also happens to fall on the day that my boss returns from his 3 week vacation and will need me the most! sweet.

maggie moved out. to a house with some young college girls. she is coming over tonight to cook dinner with me and we are all very excited to have her around again.

my birthday is this week. i can't believe it has crept up on me this year. i guess they just continue to get less and less fun. my mom will be here on friday til sunday and both my friends are coming from SD. good times...good times.
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