Friday, December 01, 2006

Almost like it was yesterday

The recent snow fall in Oklahoma has forced me to recall this memory almost like it was yesterday. Hearing one of my best friends explain how they are snowed in and the inches upon inches of snow surrounding their house...makes me think of the time it snowed there 3 years ago. I was living just miles away from where she lives now, in my ex fiance's home. We had just gotten this precious white lab and she was so intriqued by the snow. I remember feeling trapped. In more ways than just the snow made me feel...trapped in that relationship...under his spell. Although its a bad memory of the snow...i have many very wonderful childhood memories, high school memories...including ice wrecks into telephone poles and the like...sledding down hills bundled up in gloves and coats. There is a tinge of jealousy when i see photos of my hometown covered in snow. I love the beauty! Driving in it, i don't miss.

Today i am thankful for a few reasons in which i feel the need to recognize. #1 that i am my own person, under no ones wing. completely independent. #2 that i live in sunshine. i just walked outside to my car and was jolted by the sunshine while i attempt to pretend its winter with my wool sweater on. The morning chill makes me feel for a fleeting moment it is really winter and then i am reminded once again of the most amazing place to live...and that i am living in it! Pray i am not taken away from this gorgeous place too soon. The never ending battle to move back to Arkansas just seems to get worse. I may not win but i will win some more time here!

Cheers to the weekend!
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