Thursday, December 14, 2006

catch me while i am inspired

so i leave work at 2:30. hair apt at 3. my hair is looking beautiful by 3:30. i am ahead of my time schedule. i go get the doggies. we have feile tonight. i have been uptight and worried all day about what on earth the two of them are going to do locked inside our apt til midnight. literally have anxiety about it. so i have calmed down.
the dogs are with me. they are humans. they are not dogs. not even an inkling of dog in their bones. i swear i can interpret these little hellions. they act like a bunch of heathens when they are together. like double trouble.
romeo sits in my lap in the car. when feile gets done sniffing out the entire back seat she might as well the trunk...she sticks her head up to say "hi." romeo snaps at her as if to say..."this is my mom. don't touch her. you play this game with your daddy so i am gonna play it with my mommy. step back bitch." so we cruisin down the street. feile gets bored snooping and tries to join us in the front where the air is blowing..."oh hell no bitch. this is my spot. step the fuck right on back." so we come inside. romeo could care less about his toys. he heads for his cave. his gfriend has something else in store...well remember that bed i tore to shreads in the backyard...well i am going to do that to every one of romeos toys. right here. right now.
i start to take out the trash. got to get some shit done while i have time. had no idea this kind of time was in store. she literally pushes the door open before i can get to it and is out like lightning. normally romeo would stay put in his cave. oh hell no. he would have none of that. he was not gonna let his gfriend go outside with out him. they chase eachother like crazy monsters. round and round. torpedo. we come inside. she is all about his bones. each new one she picks up he looks if to that my bully bone bitch. b/c if it is you gonna get your ass kicked. she apparently has not found that bully stick yet. shit will hit the fan when it does. god forbid her join him on the back of the couch. that is his spot dammit. instead she naws and naws on this nasty old bone til her teeth are bleeding. she doesn't get bones frequently. not even often. she is like a deprived child without sugar. she gets the opportunity and gets her high. i let her. romeo is so spoiled he could care less about his plethera of parafanalia. (sp?) he just sits there as to say...why on earth are you chewing on that nasty bone...i have had that hidden for months b/c it sucks.
i am off to rollerblade these little hellions. details on christmas party tomorrow!
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