Wednesday, December 20, 2006

puggle like it was paris'

tonight i didn't have time to take romeo home before my hair apt. my sweet sweet hairdresser...if you know what i mean...said he could come inside and join us. i felt real special and so did romeo. i anticpated his anxiousness and i was so pleasantly surpirised by his perfect behavior. he literally sat in my lap....sort of like something tinkerbelle would do...and didn't make a peep. no jumping down. he laid down on my lap and got comfy and was so content. it was such a shock to me while every styist and customer ewwwwwed and ahhhhhhed after him and his underbite.

i must say it as quite nice to have my buddy on my lap b/c there is no place i would rather be but i felt so paris....especially as i sat in a salon and got my extensions redone. so paris. but so not. so puggle-ish-is-ness.
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