Tuesday, January 02, 2007

its been too long

my mom tried to convince me to do away with public blogging. so i have been teatering back and forth on what i am going to do. bottom line is that i love looking back and seeing what i was doing and thinking this time last year. for example...james and i were sitting around pondering our crazy plans for new years when i asked what he did last year and then i wondered what i did. so i went back to look and sure enough...carry on my tradition of staying in...always and never been a fan of new years eve. so blogging will continue but maybe a new address.

christmas was filled with too much caloric intake in phoenix visiting my mom and stepdad. it was just james and i and the dogs this year. my sisters stayed at their homes as one couldn't get off work and the other is a devoted doctors wife. so there you have it. only child during christmas for the second year in a row. santa brought us a new macbook. its been fun learning a totally new machine. but also frustrating. i am working on getting our wedding website up and running before our save the dates go out.

since my mom married mr.sir 4 years ago we have become a part of many traditions. most very quirky but having him in our family sure does just spice up the fun. one of the many traditions mr.sir has is the polar bear club. being a member of this cool club means you must dive/jump into the/a pool on new years day. clothes or no clothes, their pool or ours, you have to do it on new years day. my mind so conveniently let me forget all about it until 10pm last night when we got the call...are you in the club or not this year? so what does james insist we do? go jump in the freezing ass pool before the clock strikes midnight. mind you...i was in my bed...cuddled up with my dog...watching the nightly news. so i got up and changed out of my comfys and put on james big shorts and tshirt b/c i couldn't think of anything worse than putting on a bikini on my obese ass and jumping in below 0 waters. result=hell. now i am a part of the really cool polar bear club for the third year. and all i get for it is a horrible nights sleep in which i woke up multiple times tossing and turning and it is all to be blamed on the shocking ol cold waters.

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